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Little secrets

Article 5. "Little secrets".

Little secrets

Over the time spent installing and maintaining various solar and insect protection systems, our craftsmen have made many useful observations and acquired skills that will help you avoid some common mistakes in using our products. They will be discussed in a series of articles under the general title "Little secrets".

So, let's start with the most trivial.

Secret 1.

Let's say you have several sashes on your window and each has a roller blind hanging on the same level.

Little secrets

You forgot to close a window or door, and the draft broke your curtains. The curtain fell, the fasteners bent or shattered into smithereens in the corners. It's a shame? Wrong word!

Little secrets

To prevent this from happening in the future, after the master has changed the fasteners for you and made curtain repair, it is advisable to install on a window sill or in a slope conventional furniture opening stops for doors. Like this.

Little secrets

The stoppers will prevent the sashes and therefore your curtains from touching each other.

But competent craftsmen completely exclude this problem! Still at the installation stage. It is enough just to hang adjacent curtains at different heights so that when the shutters open, they do not touch.

Little secrets

Secret 2.

If roller blinds hang on balcony doors, then, in addition to the limiters below, it is also necessary to install additional dampers on the slope itself at the point of contact between the curtain and the wall. And the brackets will remain intact, and there will be no cracks or dents in the wall.

Little secrets

You can make dampeners yourself from rectangular pieces of sealing foam, matched to the color of the wall.

Little secrets

The problem with slopes can be solved radically by simply installing venus blinds (or Isotra) , whose flat cornice will allow the doors to open almost to the slope! This is especially true for balcony doors. At the moment, there are no curtains or blinds with a more convenient location for the eaves.

Little secrets

Secret 3.

Roller blinds are fixed in the lowest position either with a fishing line (cable) or magnets. And, if the installation is carried out on a metal-plastic profile, then the fasteners of the lower fixation are not problems. It is more difficult if the curtain closes the window opening.

Little secrets

How to fix it at the bottom? You can, of course, glue a metal plate to the wall, but glue is not a reliable material. We have found a simple and original solution. See the photo below.

Little secrets

Opposite the magnet, a hole is drilled in the wall, a dowel is driven in and any metal screw is screwed in. His hat perfectly attracts the magnet and the curtain is fixed as it should! If desired, you can stick a piece of wallpaper on the head of the screw to completely disguise it.

Secret 4.

In the photo below you see an example of mounting Roman blinds on a balcony block over a window sash. This type of installation is convenient. You can raise the curtain and open the sash without hitting the curtain itself. But there is one drawback. The arrow shows the point of contact between the window handle and the curtain.

Little secrets

Here, the curtain bulges, creating a slit on the side through which the light will pass. To avoid this gap, curtains should be installed at some distance from the plane of the window. Approximately 5-7 cm. Fixing is carried out either on brackets or in the ceiling.

Little secrets

That's all for today. The topic will be continued!

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