How to measure and order blinds.

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1) Horizontal blinds.

2) Vertical blinds.

3) Blinds order.

4) Choosing the color of the blinds in the photo galleries.

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Horizontal blinds.

The most affordable and common type of blinds. The ideal solution for kitchens, balconies, utility rooms.

Horizontal blinds by type of material are aluminum, plastic, bamboo and wood.

Aluminum blinds are available in lamella widths of 25 mm and 16 mm, the rest are 25 mm and 50 mm.

The most common and inexpensive option is aluminum blinds. The best choice for large areas (panoramic windows, balconies, loggias, winter gardens).

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In addition to ordinary cornices (3 cm thick), this type of blinds also has flat cornices, "recessed" closer to the glass. The latter are called blinds "Isotra" or "Venus".

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Sashes with such blinds open to a larger angle than with ordinary ones, which is important when the windows have small slopes. Also, these blinds are often mounted on balcony doors.

When using offset lamella punching, you can get the effect of total blackout. This is especially important when they want to minimize the amount of light entering the room.

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For skylights blinds with cable fixation are used.

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Plastic blinds usually imitate more expensive wooden ones in texture. Their advantage over the latter is the possibility of using wet cleaning.

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Bamboo and wood horizontal blinds with warm natural colors will give the interior an unsurpassed sophistication.

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Vertical blinds.

Vertical blinds come in fabric, plastic, and less common rope and tulle. In width, they can be wide - 127 mm and narrow - 89 mm. Plastic and tulle are usually 89 mm wide.

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Most often, blinds are ordered from fabric. There are several hundred materials and shades of different densities and transparency on the market, which will solve any issues regarding the decoration of windows and wall niches. Link to the photo gallery of fabric materials - below in this article.

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Plastic blinds almost completely block the access of light to the rooms. Also, their advantages include ease of care. They can be washed or wiped without removing from the cornice.

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Tulle and rope vertical blinds, due to their translucency, serve mainly as an element of the overall decor of the room. They are often placed in the courtyards of private houses or used as a kind of screen to delimit the space of large rooms.

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When ordering a new product, we can easily choose the shade you need to match the overall design of the room.

Ordering blinds. Measurement and installation information.

Horizontal blinds are most often hung on ordinary metal-plastic windows. For correct measurement and calculation of the cost, it is necessary to measure the distance along the line between the glazing bead and the window body, as shown in the diagram.

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If you have windows with non-standard opening (vertical or horizontal), it is better to hang blinds on the entire window opening. Then the dimensions of the opening + 3-5 cm on the sides and vertically are taken as the main dimensions.

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When choosing horizontal blinds, you need to decide on the material (aluminum, plastic, wood or bamboo), the width of the slats 16, 25 or 50 mm, and the color. Please note that aluminum blinds can be ordered in two colors.

Vertical blinds are hung inside or on the window opening. In the latter case, the curtains should be 10-20 cm wider and 10-15 cm higher than the window opening.

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Choosing the color of blinds in photo galleries.

You can choose the shade and texture of vertical blinds in the fabric galleries using these links: for fabrics with a width of 127 mm and 89mm.

See the shades of tapes for horizontal blinds in a separate gallery.

Any complex and non-standard methods of measuring and installing blinds can always be performed with the help of our craftsmen directly on the site. Measurement is always free!

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