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We can order new or repair old blinds, roller and Roman blinds, day-night blinds, mosquito nets.

blinds in Odesa


When designing the interior of an apartment, house or office, it is very important to choose the right blinds and curtains. The modern world is represented by a whole scattering of options for protecting rooms from the Sun and not modest views from the outside, from simple curtains to radial pleated blinds and moiré curtains. Our site will help you to understand all this diversity, answer all questions and make a good choice.

We offer you the following types of products:

blinds in Odesa


Blinds are of two types - vertical and horizontal. They can also be made from different materials. All this can be found below in the article.

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roller blinds in Odesa

Roman and roller blinds

Here we will consider in detail the work and device of roller blinds (rollers) of closed and open types, Roman blinds and "day-night" blinds (zebra).

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Mosquito nets

There are two types of mosquito nets for insect protection: frame and rolled. This section describes both types and what and why they are used.

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photos of blinds

Photo of materials and products

We present you our works. Blinds, roller blinds or Roman blinds are used not only to protect from light, but also serve other purposes.

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The value of the product depends on the area and type of materials from which it is made. It is easy to calculate, for which we suggest that you independently make a preliminary measurement of the product area according to the above rules, for blinds, curtains and nets. A more accurate measurement and calculation is made by the masters when called.

Don't forget to visit our Blog section "Interesting" dedicated to the main topic of the site, where interesting articles appear about blinds found in various areas of our lives.

We accept orders for new blinds, curtains, nets in Odesa and the region. We also replace fittings and any REPAIR of these products, including trimming and hemming in length or width.

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