Mosquito nets for windows, doors, openings.

Nets are designed to protect the enclosed space of premises from insects.

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1) Frame mosquito nets;

2) Roll mosquito nets;

3) Nets ordering, measurement and installation.

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Frame mosquito nets.

Despite the simplicity of design, these nets have a number of features that you need to know before ordering.

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First, we define the place that we want to cover with a grid. Even if this is an ordinary metal-plastic window, you need to take into account the overall dimensions of the opening, ease of removing the grid and the presence of bars on the windows. Depending on this, the grids are mounted in different ways.

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The most common mounting method is with Z-brackets, which are either plastic or metal. The latter hold the frame firmly and also have the advantage of not having to drill the window profile itself. Metal brackets attached directly to the profile of the grid itself. They are easy to remove and attach.

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The mesh with plastic brackets (or "corners") is mounted on the window according to the diagram below. Plastic brackets are attached from the outside.

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If the mesh is applied inside the frame, then pins are used, which, passing through the mesh profile, fasten it to the frame.

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Maintenance of nets is reduced to light mechanical cleaning of dust under a stream of warm soapy water, followed by drying. Meshes are usually made of aluminum profile and rust does not form during washing.

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Roll Mosquito nets.

This type of mesh works like roller blinds, looks elegant and allows you to easily and quickly open and close the opening of the window from insects.

You can see the principle of operation of rolled mesh video. Opening vertical and horizontal.

When placed horizontally, the mesh can be rolled up or folded into an "accordion".

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Roll screens differ from frame screens in that they are placed in a box in a roll and are pulled out from there, closing the window opening. This placement is convenient for several reasons. Quick opening, no need to remove-put the grid for winter time, more aesthetic appearance.

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During operation, attention should be paid to preventing insects from entering the box, which can disrupt the operation of the roll and the integrity of the mesh web.

How to measure nets and place an order.

Grids can only be installed on a flat plane. If there are bars on the windows, protrusions, closely spaced slopes - a matter of installation and the type of grid is decided individually by the master when calling or consulting by phone.

It's quite easy to measure the grid yourself. You need to remove the width and height of the light opening of the window and add 2 cm on each side.

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If there are bars on the windows, the nets are attached "inside the frame", i.e. the size of the opening will be equal to the size of the mesh.

Pay attention! If your window type is dormer, grids are installed only on the opening. The degree of opening of the window is limited by the depth of the opening.

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Grids for entrance doors are made from reinforced profile. It provides the necessary durability of the product with regular use. It should also be noted that such nets are mainly attached to the door frame. It is important that there is a continuous level surface, since any irregularities on the box (locks, handles, hinges) will not allow to maintain the necessary snug fit of the mesh to the surface. In exceptional cases, for the mesh, their own box is made from special metal profiles.

In addition to finished products, you can purchase any accessories for nets (sheets, profiles, fasteners) from us separately. Do not forget to hang Roman blinds or blinds.

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