How to measure and order curtains.

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1) Ordinary roller blinds.

2) Curtains "day - night".

3) Roman shades.

4) Order curtains, measure and install.

5) Where to see samples of curtains.

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Curtains. General section.

Regular roller blinds.

Roller blinds or, as they are also called, fabric roller blinds, are of open and closed types. They consist of a shaft, which is mounted on the sides to the wall on brackets, a mechanism that allows you to control the movement of the curtain up and down and the fabric.

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In closed roller blinds there are also vertical guides and a box, inside of which a shaft with a fabric sheet is placed.

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Roller blinds can be mounted both directly on the window sashes, and on the entire opening (inside or outside).

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For installation on sashes, curtains with a shaft size of up to 19-25 mm in diameter are usually used, on a window opening - 30 mm or more. Please note that there are maximum allowable sizes for each type of curtain. If you plan to close large areas we recommend using vertical blinds.

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To prevent curtains from sagging in an intermediate position, fixation with a fishing line is provided. Sometimes the bottom bar is attached to magnets.

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We also offer roller blinds made of bamboo linen or bamboo (jute) blinds.

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Natural material will give comfort to any room. More than two dozen samples of bamboo of various textures and shades are available.

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And finally, a few words about the care of curtains (for more details, see repair section).

Unlike blinds, roller blinds cannot be washed. Dry cleaning is allowed. For fabrics "aqua" and similar, a wet wash is possible.

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In operation, such curtains are unpretentious and will last long enough with careful use.

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Curtains "day - night".

One of the most spectacular curtains on the market.

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These curtains differ from the usual ones primarily in the special structure of the canvas, in which translucent areas (stripes, shapes) overlap with opaque ones.

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The curtain can be used either in day-night mode or, if desired, fully lifted up, like a regular roller blind.

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They can also be mounted on various surfaces: on window sashes, inside the window opening, or on the entire opening.

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Cleaning such curtains should be extremely careful. Dust removal should be done with special brooms for cleaning furniture, wet cleaning is undesirable.

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Roman blinds.

The main section on Roman blinds is at this link, here is a brief overview.

These curtains differ from roller blinds in the way the fabric is assembled when it is raised. The fabric is collected in the so-called "accordion".

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Note that it is impossible to completely free the light opening of the window, usually at the top there is a space with a width of 10-15 or more centimeters. If Roman blinds are attached to the window opening, then this feature must be taken into account so that the opening opens completely.

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The curtain can be raised using a cord or chain. Roman blinds have open and closed cornices. More progressive and reliable are closed, Kulis systems and the like.

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The fabric of Roman blinds can be easily removed and, freed from cords and metal rods, washed. It is attached to the cornice with adhesive tape.

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It happens that no curtains are suitable for a particular interior, in which case it might be worth thinking about ordinary blinds? Convenience and ease of use sometimes play the first role in choosing a method for decorating windows or openings in rooms.

Ordering curtains. Information about the correct measurement and installation of curtains.

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Curtains are attached both to the folds of windows, and to, or inside the openings. In the first case, measure the dimensions of the light opening (on the glass) plus 2-3 cm, in the second - the dimensions of the opening. The dimensions of the fabric are usually 30-35 mm less than the width of the finished product. This should be taken into account when installing inside the window opening. For closed systems, attention should be paid to the shape of the glazing beads, for curly glazing beads, systems with U-shaped guides are used.

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Of course, any curtains are installed strictly according to the level. Otherwise, they will not fold properly.

Like blinds, curtains have their own size limits. This is especially true for day-night curtains. Not all patterned fabrics can be used for curtains over 2 meters high. For large curtains, systems with a shaft diameter of 30 mm or more are used.

Specify these features of curtains when ordering from our managers.

Swatches of fabrics for curtains can be viewed in our photo gallery at these links:

for Roman blinds

for roller blinds

for day-night curtains

2022 novelties for roller blinds and day-night blinds

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