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We remind you that you can also get information about repair from us, or order any fittings for blinds, nets and curtains. And also any material or fabric for replacement. Contact numbers are below.

Vertical blind fabric.

White horizontal blinds.

New beige horizontal blinds.

Roller blinds.

Choosing and ordering new products.

Our clients.

Vertical blind fabric

The following options are offered:

12 slats, width 89 mm, length 1450 mm. White color. Price 250 UAH


Price does not include weights. Weights and chains can be ordered separately.

Used white horizontal blinds.



550 x 1350, control on the right, lockable at the bottom;

Blinds in a complete set. Condition 4+.

Price 200 UAH pcs.


New beige horizontal blinds.



1350 x 830, right-hand control, bottom detent;

Status at 5.

Price 600 UAH pcs.

(It is possible to install and trim to height for an additional fee).

New finished roller blinds.

1) Two new open type roller blinds with fixation (line).

Fabric color - as in the photo, deep blue.


Dimensions: fabric width 490 mm, height 1340 mm. Management - on the right 1 pc, on the left 1 pc. The price is 600 UAH per piece, 900 UAH for 2 pcs. Installation - free of charge within the city.

Reason for sale - did not fit in size.

2) New closed-type roller blind, in a box with guides (brown, wood effect, mahogany).

Fabric color - burgundy.


Dimensions: fabric width 485 mm, rail height 1185 mm. If without them, then the height can be up to 2 meters. Price 650 UAH


(Installation is possible).

Reason for sale - did not fit in size.

3) New open type roller blinds. The color is as in the photo - bright red and brown.


Dimensions: fabric width 640 mm, height up to 1800 mm. Price 700 UAH


Dimensions: fabric width 485 mm, height up to 1150 mm. Price 600 UAH

Curtains are completed with everything you need, fixation - fishing line. Installation within the city - free of charge.

Reason for sale - did not fit in size.

If desired, you can order trimming both in width and in height of the curtain. Or order additional curtains.

You can also learn how to measure and order new products on our website:

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Our clients.

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Network of gas stations "Katran", Odessa.

The main department of the depot "Odessa-sorting".

"Legal Clinic", OLA, st. Chernyakhovsky 2.

Institute of Primary and Humanitarian and Technical Education UNPU, st. Alexander Nevsky, 39.

Plant "Krayan", administrative building.

Khadzhibeevsky police department of the Suvorovsky district, st. Black Sea Cossacks 31.

"Kortek", Agar plant, administrative building.

Secondary schools #127, #85, #89, #72.

Kindergarten №170.

Yuzhmedbiosintez, Cosmonauts 32.

City polyclinic No. 1, Bolgarskaya 38.

Regional Center for Emergency Medical Care and Disaster Medicine, Gavannaya 1.

TSUM, Pushkinskaya 72, reception and administrative premises.

Odessa Khladokombinat No. 1, admin building.

New Apostolic Church in Ukraine, Kanatnaya 34-36.