Video lessons

Video lessons

Visual recommendations for the installation, operation and repair of blinds, roller blinds and mosquito nets.

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Video lessons

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Lessons on vertical blinds.

How to remove a vertical blinds cornice. What would be easier? What many of our customers don't know, however, is that their blinds can be easily taken off and put back on at any time. This video shows the principle of fasteners (clips) for vertical blinds.

How to remove fabric from vertical blinds. We show how to remove or put on the slats of vertical blinds on the eaves. Lamellas are strips of fabric that are hinged to trolleys that move the fabric along the eaves.

Vertical Blind Hanger Replacement Did a strip of fabric fall on the blinds? No problem! We'll show you how to fix it quickly and easily.

Replacing a blind arm without cutting the fabric. Shoulder can be easily replaced. But in the previous video, for this we had to cut the seam on the fabric, and then fasten the fabric with a stapler so that the shoulder does not fall out. It wasn't a very good decision. A paper clip from a stapler spoils the appearance. See how to avoid tissue incision. Of course - and our version is not ideal, but for a while it will help out. The right thing to do is to take the blinds to a seamstress.

Vertical blind control chain replacement. Changing the control chain of vertical blinds.

How a vertical blinds cart works. (video 4k) The trolley (or slider) of vertical blinds is used to attach a strip of fabric (lamella) to the eaves. This video shows the structure of carts and how they are connected to each other using distances.

How vertical blinds work. (video 4k) The mechanism of vertical blinds is used to control the movement of slats (strips of fabric) and turning them around the axis of the carts.

Vertical blind cart replacement. A trolley or runner is an element of a blind to which a strip of fabric (lamella) is attached. Sometimes it breaks and needs to be replaced. This video shows the replacement process in detail.

Changing the distance of the vertical blinds. If, when moving along the eaves, part of the lamellas (strips) does not move, this means that inside the cornice the distance was damaged. Distance - a long plastic element, connecting carts. This video shows the sequence of changing distances.

Lesson - How to attach a chain to the slats of vertical blinds.

Video lessons

Lessons on horizontal blinds.

Lesson - Setting the bottom fixation of horizontal blinds.

Video lessons

How to replace the horizontal blind mechanism. There may be several reasons why such a replacement is required. This is a physical breakdown of the mechanism as a result of natural wear and tear. There may be a factory defect of the mechanism. Or the initial incorrect installation of the mechanism in the blinds.

How to replace the stem in the horizontal blind mechanism. In this video, we'll show you how to change a faulty rod in a horizontal blinds mechanism. At the same time, you can see its internal structure and the principle of operation of the mechanism itself.

How to replace the horizontal blind hook. The hook is the most fragile part in horizontal blinds. They usually break down in the second or third year of active operation of the blinds. And, even sadder, when replacing, if you do not know how to put them on correctly, there is also a high probability of breakage.

How to repair horizontal blinds ladder. "Ladder" - these are two cords connected by jumpers, on which the lamellas (strips) of horizontal blinds are held. Usually there are two of them, in wide blinds there are three or four or more. Sometimes the edges of the "ladder" break off and come out of the eaves.

Lessons on roller blinds.

Closed roller blind device. We study the internal structure of the closed-type roller blind mechanism. Besta mechanism.

Perfect installation of roller blinds.

Video lessons

Window blocker.

Video lessons

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