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New profile color for mosquito nets. Now also for anthracite windows. (Owners of apartments in the residential complex "Prostranstvo" - this is for you!)


Window opening locks on a cable - "child safety". Allows you to securely fix the window with a cable. The lock is locked with a key. Available in white and brown.

The cost with installation is 300-350 UAH (one set).


Ventilation mode locks (comb). Suitable for any windows!

The cost of reinforced metal clamps is 300 UAH (one set).

The cost of plastic clamps is 250 UAH (one set).

Reinforced anti-burglary locks-locks and locks with a key also appeared on sale. Cost - 300 UAH.

The price includes delivery and installation (when buying from two pieces of any product).

Don't skimp on protecting your windows and doors!

Window blocker.


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